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Kalakaram Quilling Mandala Kit

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Kalakaram Quilling Mandala Kit is the perfect way to get creative! This kit contains all the materials you need to make a beautiful quilling mandala. It includes 1 Pre-Printed Canvas Board (8.5x8.5 inches), 1200 Multicolor Quilling Strips, 1 Quilling Needle, 1 Quilling Comb, 1 Quilling Board, 1 Tweezers & 1 Glue Tube.

The art of paper quilling is a beautiful craft activity that involves rolling, twisting and curling paper to create beautiful patterns and designs. This kit comes with a detailed illustrated catalog that explains the steps of making different quilling shapes with ease and then finally assembling them in a mandala pattern.

The quilling strips are easy to use and made with great quality paper which can be rolled and twisted precisely and easily. Each tool is chosen carefully to make shapes more accurately and with ease. This kit helps to increase FOCUS; encourage SELF EXPRESSION and BOOST SELF ESTEEM by channelizing energy into positive endeavors and a sense of creating something beautiful.