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Kalakaram Bubble Candle Making Kit

Rs. 999.00
ALL MATERIAL INSIDE THE BOX: This kit includes all materials required to make 4 Scented Bubble Candles. It contains Pure & Natural Soy Wax (450 g), 1 Reusable Silicone Mould (6x6x6 cm), 1 Reusable Silicone Mould (3x3x3 cm), 4 Candle Wicks (5″), 4 Fragrance Oils (Rose, Lavender, Vanilla & Lemongrass), 6 Powder colors (Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue & Red), 4 Wick Sustainers, 4 Stirrers & a Well-Detailed Instructions Manual.
EASY TO MAKE: Each kit includes a detailed step by step guide to ensure the ease in making candles for beginners. Each step is illustrated in detail to create a hassle free DIY experience.
4 SCRUMPTUOUS AROMAS: Our kit entails 4 exquisite aromas. Lavender for relaxation, rose for soothing moments, vanilla for those cozy vibes and lemongrass for freshness. Lift up your mood with these fragrances.
FLAUNT YOUR HANDMADE BUBBLE CANDLES: Make 4 gorgeous looking soy wax bubble candles with fancy colors and exotic fragrances. Use them to decorate your homes or gift them to your loved ones.
DIY CANDLES: We believe that one can create the most splendid candles at home if provided with the right materials and proper guidance. Our Candle Making kits are an epitome of good material + easy approach. Keeping this ideology intact, we have created this kit to flaunt the skills of your inner candle making artist.