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Kalakaram Ethnic Art Coasters DIY Kit

Rs. 899.00

Explore the world of Indian ethnic art with the Kalakaram Ethnic Art Coasters DIY Kit. This kit includes 6 Ethnic Art Engraved Coasters (4' Diameter), 1 MDF Coaster Holder, 18 Colors Acrylic Paints (5ml each), 1 Paint Palette, 2 Paint Brushes, Gesso x 500ml, 1 Dotting Tool & 1 Black Pen Marker.

The coasters are ready to paint with the design etched on each one of them. A picture representation of basic steps is also provided, making it easy to follow. The objective of this DIY activity is to create a beautiful art piece with all necessary tools and techniques, as well as to use this art as an object of décor and utility.