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Fuzzbuzz Rabbit Pets Hopper the Hare

Rs. 1,299.00

Kids can enjoy taking care of a pet with the Fuzzbuzz Rabbit Pets Hopper the Hare. This adorable hare behaves like a real hare and hops around, raises its ears in delight, snuffles its nose and lets out a loud squeak. It has soft brown fur over a firm body which is perfect for petting and hugs. Hopper the Hare measures 17 cm long, 11 cm wide and 16.5 cm high.

This multi-purpose eCommerce store offers a wide variety of products for kids and adults alike. From toys to clothes, you can find something for everyone. With Fuzzbuzz Rabbit Pets Hopper the Hare, you can give your child the joy of having a pet without the hassle of taking care of a real one.