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Dragon I Roaring Allosaurus Yellow

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Embark on an adventure through time with the Dragon I Roaring Allosaurus Yellow, a thrilling addition to the electronic dinosaur collection! This mighty Allosaurus brings the Jurassic period to life in your very own bedroom with its dynamic features. Hear the echoes of the past with its roaring sounds, witness the intensity as its eyes and mouth light up, and discover endless posing possibilities with its articulate arms and legs. Standing at an impressive 9 inches, this dino is a force to be reckoned with. Press the button to unleash a ferocious roar that will captivate the imagination of all within earshot. The Mighty Megasaur Dino Toy is not just a toy; it's a lifelike experience. Its realistic face and attention to detail, coupled with the loud and attention-grabbing roars, make it a captivating companion for any dinosaur enthusiast. Bring the thrill of the ancient world home with the Dragon I Roaring Allosaurus Yellow, where every playtime is a journey back in time.

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