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Zuru Xshot Hyper Gel Trace Fire

Rs. 5,399.00 Regular price Rs. 5,999.00
SKU: 193052052193
Introducing the XShot Hyper Gel Trace Fire Blaster by ZURU, an exhilarating and high-performance gel blaster designed for ultimate excitement! Unleash the power with its remarkable capability to shoot Hyper Gel Pellets at an astounding speed of 170 feet per second, ensuring an adrenaline-pumping experience for ages 14 and up. The Trace Fire offers both fully and semi-automatic modes with its motorized functionality, all powered by a rechargeable battery for continuous action. Included are 10,000 Hyper Gel Dehydrated Pellets, easily rehydrated by adding water—these non-toxic, eco-safe pellets leave no stains behind. With a generous 1,450 pellet capacity, comprising a 600-pellet hopper and an additional 850-pellet mag, the Trace Fire ensures sustained and thrilling play. Safety is a priority, and that's why each X-Shot Hyper Gel blaster comes with protective eyewear, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the excitement responsibly. Get ready to elevate your gel blaster experience with the XShot Hyper Gel Trace Fire Blaster—a cutting-edge, high-capacity blaster that guarantees hours of non-stop, heart-pounding fun!

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