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Kalakaram Pure and Natural Beeswax Aroma Candle Making Kit

Rs. 999.00
ALL MATERIAL INSIDE THE BOX: This kit includes all materials required to make 6 personalized Aroma Beeswax Jar Candles. It contains Pure & Natural Beeswax (500 gm), 6 Glass Jars (2.5″ height), 6 Candle Wicks (5″), 6 Fragrance Oils 5ml each (Lavender, Strawberry, Cocoa, Lemongrass, Green Apple & Candy), 6 Powder colors (Pink, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red & Blue), 6 Wick Sustainers, 6 Stirrers, 2m Jute Thread, 6 Jar Stickers, 6 Fragrance Tags & a Well-Detailed Instructions Manual.
EASY TO MAKE: Each kit includes a detailed instruction guide to ensure the ease in making candles for beginners. Each step is illustrated in detail to create a hassle free DIY experience.
6 EXOTIC AROMAS: Our kit entails six exquisite aromas. Lavender for relaxation, strawberry for soothing moments, green apple for some fruity fun, cocoa for those cozy vibes, lemongrass for freshness and candy for crazy times. Light up your mood with these uplifting fragrances.
FLAUNT YOUR HANDMADE CANDLES: Once your aroma beeswax candles are ready, personalize them with the provided accessories, light them on special occasions to set the mood, use them as a piece of décor to add character to your surroundings or gift it to your loved ones.
DIY CRAFT: We believe that one can create the most splendid craft pieces if provided with the right materials and proper guidance. Our DIY kits are an epitome of good material + easy approach. Keeping this ideology intact, we have created this kit to flaunt the skills of your inner artist.