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O. Fidelman Rummikub Numbers Wooden Tiles

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Type: Board Games
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Introducing Funskool Games Rummikub Wooden Tiles, the ultimate strategy game that seamlessly blends fun and challenge for both kids and adults! Ideal for 2-4 players aged 7 and up, this captivating family game features 106 vibrant wooden tiles in different colors and four convenient wooden tile racks. Inspired by classic rummy card games, players aim to create runs or sets with consecutive numbers or groups of the same number. The game is easy to learn yet fast-moving, ensuring a different and exciting experience every time. Its dynamic nature combines luck and strategy, offering players the opportunity to change the course of the game until the very end. Rummikub Wooden Tiles not only entertains but also reinforces STEM and STEAM concepts for young minds, fostering skills like sequencing, pattern recognition, and strategic planning. With plenty of thrilling moments and designed to bring people together, this game is perfect for quality family time or social gatherings. Open the box to discover 106 wooden tiles, four wooden racks, four metal rack holders, and instructions—everything you need for hours of interactive and engaging play!

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