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Magnetic Balls

Rs. 499.00 Regular price Rs. 999.00

Put the power of magnetism in the palm of your hands with our ultra-durable premium spheres that will set your imagination free. Craft any shape or figure you see in your mind and watch the magic come to life. Mold and mash any structure or shape your heart desires. The perfect stress reliever and daytime boredom buster.

They also make an excellent sensory tool to improve concentration, focus, attention, and active listening. Great educational gifts for youth and teenagers. Each flawlessly-crated ball undergoes extensive testing, manufacturing, coating, and quality assurance. Durable, light weight, non-oxidative.

With magic properties, can be arbitrarily combined with the ever-changing geometric patterns, entertainment, creativity. Its strong magnetic beads attract each other strongly so it does not fall apart no matter what you shape it into. Can also be converted into your jewelry or necklace. Material: Neodymium. They come in all the colors of the rainbow. It can be a good decoration for your office or study desk.

Please note: This item is non-returnable.

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