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Kalakaram Pichwai Art on a Plate DIY Activity Box Painting kit

Rs. 1,099.00
SUFFICIENT CONTENTS – The box contains 1 Ceramic Plate ( 9″ Diameter), 1 MDF Plate Stand, 3 Pichwai Art Design Templates, 1 Sheet Carbon Paper for Tracing, 12 Colors Acrylic Paints (5ml each), 1 Round Brush, 1 Flat Brush, 1 Paint Palette, 1 Roll Masking Tape, Gesso (500ml) & 1 Black Pen Marker.
FUN & EDUCATIONAL – Deep dive into the world of traditional art and explore an era of values which still hold relevance in modern times. Delve into the origin, techniques, ideologies, and elements used in creating this art form and make your own masterpiece with ease.
EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS – A step by step guide is provided along with well-explained techniques to make the art form with utmost simplicity and detail.
BONUS WRITTEN MATERIAL – The box contains bonus written material explaining the origin, techniques, special attributes and relevance of this art form in modern times making it not just a DIY activity but also a journey to the land of traditions where art was practiced not just as a hobby, but to communicate values and emotions to the masses.
ART WITH UTILITY – The objective of this DIY activity is not just to create a beautiful Art piece with all necessary tools and techniques but also to use this art as an object of décor as well as utility.