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Godiscover Interactive Early Learning Smart Book

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Smartbooks are completely interactive book which allows user to listen to the content on the book.Learning can be so much more fun when we see and hear at the same time. Even better, if we can speak too. And what fun if we can hear what we recorded and keep doing this over and over again! Which is why, all age groups are increasingly more engrossed in television programs, multimedia games or Internet applications over reading books.‘goDiscover’ products are designed for you to enjoy a conversation with your book. We combine visuals, text, sound and recording features on each page of each book. Simply because, when we can use more than one of our five senses at one time, it is more gratifying. And ofcourse, if you want to read the book just like a book, it’s always there.‘goDiscover’ books are like being in conversation with the book in your hand!The entire book is connected with the ‘goDiscover’ interactive pen. Here is the way it works.Switch on the interactive marker. Choose a Book. Select a page.Read – Play – Record – Stop – Play me – +more* Read a book like a book
* Play is to listen to what is written, word by word
* Record when you practice or your answer
* Stop when you are done listening or recording
* Play me to hear your own recording
* +more is to hear additional information
Interactive Early Learning set is a collection of
9 such action packed books
48 re-recordable stickers
An interactive pen