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Dragon I Roaring T-Rex Pink

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Step into the awe-inspiring world of prehistoric giants with the Dragon I Roaring T-Rex Electronic Dinosaur Toys. Unleash the power of the Jurassic period in the comfort of your own bedroom with these four electronic dinosaurs. Standing tall at 9 inches, the Mighty Megasaur Dino Toy captures the essence of the mighty T-Rex with its roaring sounds, captivating light-up eyes and mouth, and poseable arms and legs. Engage in thrilling playtime adventures as you press the button to release a ferocious roar that reverberates through the ages, alerting all to the presence of a dinosaur in the house. This dynamic toy not only boasts a new look but also offers an immersive experience with its lifelike face and attention to detail. Immerse yourself in the wonder of the past with the Dragon I Roaring T-Rex, where each play session is a journey back to the time of colossal creatures and untamed roars.

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