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Diy Science Magic Snow Kit Three In One

Rs. 749.00
It is perfect kit to create incredibly realistic snow scenes without the hassle of melting ice. Playing is magic snow is really satisfying and kids can do this for hours. Dry and fluffy snow gives a feel of real snow and fine and mouldable snow can be used to make snow man and other different shapes. Child can also create 12+ colors of the snow to create the snow rangoli.
Just add water and the powder would expand/fluff-up in no time.
Your child can make 20 full glasses (given glass) of snow with the given kit.
This magic snow kit is completely reusable and ensures unlimited hours of entertainment for your child. All the material inside the kit is of excellent quality, safe for children, nontoxic and eco-friendly.
The kit also helps children to understand various scientific concepts like chemical reactions, color mixing, science of snow etc. The kit is ideal for Birthday party return gifts for girls and boys, Science Experiment, classroom projects, novelty gifts and presents, home or school activities for boys and girls of all ages.