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Cluedo The Classic Mystery Game F6420

Rs. 1,299.00
Type: Board Games
Unveil a reimagined world of mystery with Cluedo F6420! This modern twist on the classic Clue game takes you on a captivating journey through a Tudor Mansion, with a fresh cast of intriguing characters and a riveting murder mystery to solve. Your challenge? Crack the case of Boddy Black's murder by collecting clues and racing to be the first to unveil the perpetrator, the location of the crime, and the murder weapon. Play as one of six unique suspects – Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mayor Green, Chef White, Solicitor Peacock, or Professor Plum – each with their own captivating backstories and hidden secrets. Use Clue cards to unearth clues faster and outmaneuver your opponents as you navigate this enthralling world of deception and deduction.