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Zuru Xshot Hyper Gel 20000 Dehydrated Gel Pellets

Rs. 899.00 Regular price Rs. 999.00
SKU: 193052052568
Get ready for non-stop action with the X-Shot Hyper Gel Pellet Refill Pack (20,000 Hyper Gel Pellets) by ZURU. Never miss a beat in your battles as this pack includes a whopping 20,000 dehydrated pellets that easily transform into powerful Gel Pellets with a splash of water. The resealable container ensures convenient storage, allowing you to hydrate only the pellets you need and seal the rest for later use. Experience the thrill without the hassle – X-Shot Hyper Gel Pellets are non-toxic, eco-safe, and leave no stains, offering a mess-free gaming experience. Don't let your supply run dry; stock up with this refill pack and stay prepared for every intense showdown. Elevate your blasting fun with the X-Shot Hyper Gel Pellet Refill Pack and unleash a continuous barrage of excitement.

Please note: This item is non-returnable.

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