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Toykraftt Glass Painting Candle Kit

Rs. 629.00 Regular price Rs. 699.00
Explore the world of glass painting with the Toykraftt Glass Painting Candle Kit, designed for kids to create three reusable, personalized glass-painted candles. This comprehensive art and craft kit includes three cylindrical glass tumblers, a 3D black outliner tube, water-based glass paints, gel wax, candle wicks, and an instruction manual. Crafting these candles involves three stages: designing with the 3D outliner, filling the design with glass colors, and carefully adding molten gel wax without submerging the wicks. Through this hands-on experience, children learn the art of painting on curved glass surfaces and gain confidence to experiment on other glass objects. When illuminated, these candles emit a beautiful aura, making them perfect for festive occasions, and the best part is that they can be reused and restyled with new glass-painted designs. These glass-painted candles also make wonderful and artistic gifts, combining utility with creativity in one captivating kit.