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Topps Match Attax Season 2021/22 Carry Box

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Type: Card Games
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Introducing the Topps UEFA Champions League 2021-22 TCG Collection Carry Box, a football enthusiast's ultimate treasure trove. Inside this meticulously crafted box, discover a total of 190 cards, including 126 Regular Cards and 7 exclusive Gold Limited Edition cards that add a touch of luxury to your collection. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the game with 18 Foil cards featuring Signature Style, Super Savers, Defensive Warriors, Midfield Masterclass, Goal Machines, and AllRounders, showcasing the essence of football positions. Additionally, revel in the brilliance of 18 more Foil cards featuring Next Gen, Man of the Match, Master & Apprentice cards that capture unforgettable moments on the field. Unveil the legacy with 9 specially designed 15th Anniversary Heritage Cards, along with a selection of either 9 exclusive 100 Club or Unbeatable 101 cards. Keep the game alive with the included game mat, providing the perfect setting for thrilling matches. Proudly manufactured by Topps India, this collection is a testament to the global love for football, although variations in size, color, thickness, etc., may exist between cards printed in India and the USA. Elevate your football card collection with the Topps UEFA Champions League 2021-22 TCG Collection Carry Box – a celebration of the beautiful game.

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