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Topps Animax 2024 Official Naruto Collectible Card Game(Flow Pack)

Rs. 25.00
Type: Card Games
SKU: 5053307071155

Introducing the Topps Animax 2024 Official Naruto Collectible Card Game (Flow Pack), a must-have for anime enthusiasts and collectors. Each flow pack includes an exciting mix of cards: 3 base cards, 2 mirror foil cards, and chances to discover rare rainbow foil cards (1 in 5 packs), limited edition cards (1 in 7 packs), and holographic foil cards (1 in 10 packs). Additionally, digital coupon codes (1 in 10 packs) offer added rewards for collectors. As part of India’s first-ever anime-based collectible card series, this exclusive collection vividly captures Naruto's journey from a determined ninja-in-training to the Hero of the Hidden Leaf. Featuring seven subsets of Base cards—Live Action, Chakra, Series, Spawn, Role-playing, Light Attack, and Defense Cards—and a variety of special insert cards such as rare, limited edition, special foil, die-cut, trivia, and giant cards, this officially licensed series offers over 320 cards to collect, providing a genuine and high-quality collectible experience for all Naruto fans. Stand a chance to win "Tickets to Japan" by participating in the Quiz N Win competition and testing your Naruto knowledge against other fans.

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