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Sluban M38-B0595C Truck Builder

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SKU: 8906101431106X
Introducing the Sluban Builder Truck Educational Building Block Toy, designed for kids aged 4 and above. This set includes 51 multicolored blocks, perfect for sparking creativity and imaginative play. Sluban, brought to India by Simon Toys, stands out with its phenomenal designs and precision engineering, ensuring compatibility with major block brands. Made from non-toxic and durable ABS plastic, these eco-friendly blocks feature smooth edges for safe play. Beyond entertainment, Sluban promotes analytical and logical skills, encourages self-play and cooperative play, and facilitates simulative learning. It enhances vocabulary, math skills, and understanding of concepts like gravity, balance, and geometry. This set is ideal for kids interested in high-action mind games and offers a vivid simulation environment with rotating dolls and realistic rubber wheels. The package includes 51 multicolored blocks and a colored instruction manual, making it a perfect gift for young builders.

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