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Risk Strike F6650

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Type: Card Games
SKU: 5010996139405
Experience fast-paced world domination in Risk Strike F6650, a thrilling card and dice game that puts a fresh spin on the classic Risk board game. Engage in strategic battles to conquer continents by declaring your attacks, deploying troops, and rolling the dice in pursuit of victory. Employ tactics cards to unleash sabotage, bombardment, espionage, and more as you aim to earn domination coins. The first player to accumulate 2 domination coins emerges as the triumphant conqueror. Risk Strike seamlessly blends the essence of Risk gameplay with the excitement of shifting alliances driven by card play. It's the ideal strategy card game for Family Game Night, and its compact size makes it the perfect travel companion for gaming on the go. Unleash your bold strategy, roll the dice, and seize global dominance!

Includes 42 continent cards, 40 tactics cards, 5 reference cards, 6 domination coins, 3 red dice, 2 black dice, and a rulebook. Suitable for ages 10 and up, and designed for 2-5 players.

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