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Risk Game - Avalon Hill B7404

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Type: Board Games
SKU: 630509662517
Introducing Risk Game by Avalon Hill – the ultimate strategy conquest that takes the classic game to new heights! Engage in global domination as you build armies, strategically move troops, and engage in epic battles to conquer enemy territories. With updated figures, including 300 detailed infantry, cavalry, and artillery pieces, and improved Mission cards that add a thrilling twist to the game, Risk is more exciting than ever. Experience the intrigue of alliances, surprise attacks, and betrayal on the beautifully illustrated gameboard. The game comes complete with 56 Risk cards, 5 dice, and 5 cardboard war crates for easy storage. For players aged 10 and up, this game is designed for 2 to 5 players who are ready to take on the challenge of world domination. Will you be the one to complete your secret mission and prove you have what it takes to conquer the world? It's time to embrace the excitement and strategy of Risk!

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