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R For Rabbit Tiny Toes T20 Ace Red

Rs. 3,199.00 Regular price Rs. 3,996.00
Safety First: Tiny Toes T20 Ace tricycle is safety certified tricycle for kids. It is loaded with safety features to make riding time absolutely safe for your little one.
Classy Design: Cute elegant design tricycle is truly adorable for your baby.
Plug & Play: The tricycle is very easy to install as it comes with Plug & Play feature
Top Quality EVA Wheels: High quality EVA wheels to make the tricycle run smooth and let your child have fun.
Adjustable Parental Control: Smart looking parental control to keep the tricycle on safe track
Front & Rear Basket: Lets the child take the small little toys and necessities together s
Product Dimensions: 80cms (L) x 50cms (W) x 103cms (H)