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Nerf N-Strike Elite BattleCamo Series Rough Cut 2x4

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SKU: 630509729661
Welcome to our website featuring the ultimate Nerf N-Strike Elite BattleCamo Series Rough Cut 2x4, a must-have for kids aged 8 and up! Stand out from the crowd with its exclusive BattleCamo Series deco on both blaster and darts. This special edition comes with 16 Nerf Elite darts, each adorned with the BattleCamo design, giving you a tactical advantage in battles. Unleash a powerful barrage with the double-barrel domination, firing 2 darts simultaneously. No need to pause the action as this blaster lets you launch 8 darts consecutively before reloading, thanks to its impressive capacity. With the pump-action slam-fire mechanism, you can unleash all darts rapidly, catching your opponents off guard. Prepare for epic Nerf battles and let the BattleCamo Series Rough Cut 2x4 elevate your play to the next level!

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