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Mirana Mega Ranger All Terrain 4wd Blue

Rs. 2,249.00 Regular price Rs. 2,499.00
Introducing the Mirana Mega Ranger, an ATV 6-Wheel Remote Car that takes RC excitement to the next level! Conquer any terrain with its powerful 6-wheel drive system, providing unparalleled traction and stability for an extraordinary driving adventure. Powered by a high-torque motor and advanced suspension, this 4x4 RC car delivers high-speed thrills, leaving competitors in the dust. The ICY Blue Mega Ranger features a bright headlight for enhanced visibility during nighttime play, ensuring safety and excitement. Experience the realism with the built-in smoke generator, simulating exhaust fumes for an authentic touch. Rechargeable through Type-C USB, this RC car is not only a fun toy but also a perfect gift for kids and boys who crave off-road action. Get ready for off-road dominance and hours of exhilarating play with the Mirana Mega Ranger!