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Topps Match Attax Season 2022-23

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Type: Card Games
SKU: 5053307063372
Introducing the Match Attax Season 2022-23 Festive Pack, a collector's delight featuring 28 base cards, 7 mirror foil cards, 5 holographic foil cards, 4 15th-anniversary heritage foil cards, and 2 100 Club foil cards. Unveil the excitement with 13 exclusive festive season cards, 3 gold limited edition cards, and a special digital coupon code. This pack brings the stars of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Europa Conference League to life, showcasing new additions like Black Edge cards, Black, Neon, Blue, and Match Attax Master Limited Edition cards, Genuine Autograph combo cards, Game Changer cards, and Relic cards. Dive into the world of Legends, Match Attax 15th Anniversary Heritage cards, Chrome Shield cards, Crystal Parallels, and Prismatic cards, featuring the iconic 100 Club and the Unbeatable 100 Club card. With a total of 62 cards, the Match Attax 22-23 Festive Pack ensures an unparalleled collecting experience for football enthusiasts. The chase is on, once again!

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