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Mapology World & India with Flags & Capitals

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Type: Puzzles

A specially curated and design combo to learn about countries, their capitals and flags. The entire set is a combination of India, Europe and World Map.

Unlike regular jigsaw puzzles, the pieces are cut in the respective shape of the states and countries, which fit snugly to each other and create a perfect scaled model map. The World Map set comes with 3 puzzle frames- 2 for entire world and 1 separate set for Europe to help children get a magnified view of popular European Country.

The Puzzle accompanies 83 nation pieces cut in as per political map shapes and ensures hours of fun and constructive play time for kids. The toy pack also contain sticker for flags and capital of 65 countries from around the world.

The India Map Puzzle set includes 24 puzzle pieces for various states within the country. Smaller state pieces have been clubbed to make the handling of puzzle easier for a child. The toy also includes stickers of state capitals that can be stuck on the plastic flag pieces provided for each state.

Both the maps use a thicker 8 mm foam base that makes the product longer lasting and easier to handle. The vibrant colored pieces are very exciting for a child to play with. One of the best fun learning puzzle that works on motor skills and spatial skills and caters to child`s learning and knowledge. This product also makes for a great birthday gift for children in the age of 5 to 8 years.