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Lego Minecraft 21240

Rs. 1,199.00
Dive into the world of Minecraft with the LEGO Minecraft The Swamp Adventure 21240 Building Toy Set, a 65-piece multi-color masterpiece designed for hands-on play. This set recreates the iconic mangrove swamp from the game, providing endless opportunities for creative construction and thrilling battles. It includes beloved Minecraft characters like Alex, a zombie, a slime block, and a frog within a detailed swamp biome, featuring a mangrove tree, crafting table, axe, and an exciting exploding TNT function. Kids aged 7 and up can unleash their imagination as they build, explore, battle, and detonate TNT while facing off against hostile mobs in the perilous mangrove swamp. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, or just any day, this gift offers Minecraft enthusiasts a real-world adventure in a compact playset, measuring over 8 cm high, 9 cm wide, and 8 cm deep, ensuring portable fun and endless play possibilities.

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