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Lego Creator 31145

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SKU: 5702017584942
Embark on an enchanting adventure with the LEGO Creator Red Dragon 3in1 Animal Toy Set 31145, featuring 149 pieces of imaginative building fun for boys and girls aged 6 and above. This versatile set allows kids to unleash their creativity as they build and rebuild three different colorful models using the same set of bricks. With endless play possibilities, children can engage in fun stories with three unique animal toys: soaring through the skies with a majestic dragon, embarking on sky-high adventures with a fiery phoenix, and diving into underwater realms with a graceful fish. Each model boasts posable body parts, allowing for dynamic play—the dragon can move its arms, hands, wings, legs, feet, head, and mouth, the phoenix can adjust its wings, and the fish can gracefully move its fins. After playtime, all three LEGO animal models can stand alone, making for stunning display pieces in kids' bedrooms. Whether it's an unexpected treat or a thoughtful Chinese New Year gift, this 3in1 toy promises a delightful build-and-play experience for young builders, fostering imagination and endless hours of fun.

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