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Kipa Magplay Ballrush 105pcs

Rs. 3,599.00

MagPlay Magnetic Tiles with Slides is an incredibly popular toy among children. With its versatile design, children can build various structures, drop balls down slides, turns, and tunnels, and unleash their creativity and imagination. These open-ended toys offer endless possibilities for play and provide a fun way for children to learn through play.

MagPlay Tiles help children learn about 2D and 3D shapes, colours, and boost their imaginative skills. They are perfect for creative building and can be used in various educational activities. The tiles are made of high-quality, food-grade plastic, with a smooth surface and edges. The strong magnets allow for unstoppable building fun.

Each set of Kipa Magplay Ballrush 105pcs comes with 105 pieces of magnetic tiles and a storage box. Our products are kid-friendly and certified by BIS, ensuring safety and quality. We take pride in using only premium quality materials in all our products, providing children with a fun, safe, and educational playtime experience.