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Godiscover Kinder Smart Interactive Learning Posters

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KinderSmart is a box full of surprises for early learners. At the age when they are not reading and writing yet but are building their listening and speaking muscles, we must surround them with options to speak and listen in abundance. In today’s technology driven era, it becomes all the more important to provide progressive yet age-appropriate and safe learning methods. goDiscover Kinder Smart is another special box for the little ones to learn meaningfully and willfully. Gift it to your own child or to someone who matters, because gifting is all about giving value and what better value could we give to our kids than the joy of learning.
What are the topics covered?
– Animals and their homes
– Being Safe
– Birds
– My body
– All about insects
– Our feelings
– Community helpers
– Healthy food
– Parts of a plant
– Days and months
– Our festivals
– English words
– Shapes
– Day and Night
– The sun; the moon, the stars and the planets
– Place Value
– Hindi Maatraein
– All about animals
KinderSmart kit contains:
Set of 18 interactive (laminated) learning posters
Rechargeable Interactive pen
Data cable