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Kalakaram Solar System Model Kit

Rs. 399.00
WHAT'S IN THE BOX- 10 Planet Balls (1x4", 2x3", 4x1.5, 0.5x3") MDF Stand, 12 Tempera Paints, Paint Brushes, Color Palette, Wooden Sticks, Ring Cutout.
Great for school projects
Fire up your imagination and create a solar system that's out of this world and use it for a science project, home décor or any other creative purpose.
DEVELOP SKILLS: The prime idea behind our DIY kits is to help develop very important skills in each kid along with a fun experience. This kit helps the child to increase FOCUS (by following each step with precision); encourage SELF EXPRESSION (by using the contents to create something unique), BOOST SELF ESTEEM by channelizing his/her energy into positive endeavors and a sense of creating something useful and APPRECIATE NATURAL BEAUTY.