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IMC Toys Truth Detector

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Type: Board Games
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Elevate family game night with PLAY FUN by IMC TOYS Truth Detector, the thrilling board game designed for kids aged 8 and above! Think you know everything about your friends and family? Test their honesty with this interactive game that adds a fun twist to traditional questioning. Select a question from the card, choose a target for interrogation, and watch the suspense unfold as they place their fingers on the detector. With over 500 questions to choose from, there's always a chance to catch someone off guard! The Truth Detector alerts you with a siren and flashing red bulb if someone is caught lying, adding an exciting competitive edge. If the machine flashes amber, it's your chance to press on and uncover the truth. But beware, telling a lie and getting caught means losing a life. The ultimate victor is the last player standing with lifecards, making Truth Detector the go-to game for laughter-filled family fun!


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