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Imc Toys My Little Cry Babies Peekaboo Kristal

Rs. 1,799.00 Regular price Rs. 1,999.00
Welcome to the world of My Little Cry Babies, where we present Kristal Peekaboo – a magical stroller designed for children aged 12 to 36 months. This adorable little stroller comes complete with baby Kristal inside, creating a delightful peekaboo game experience that will captivate your little one. As babies pull the stroller, Kristal playfully appears and disappears, adding an extra layer of excitement to playtime. Beyond the enchanting peekaboo feature, the stroller boasts various activations designed to develop your baby's motor skills, as well as touch, visual, and auditory senses. My Little Cry Babies Kristal Peekaboo is not just a toy; it's a charming and interactive playmate that brings joy and learning to the youngest members of the family.