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Imagimake Mirror Mosaic Space

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Embark on a cosmic adventure with the Imagimake Mirror Mosaic: Space craft kit – a stellar birthday gift for boys and girls ages 3 to 8. Ignite your child's imagination with 450+ shiny, sparkly, and rainbow foil stickers that bring the wonders of space to life. The kit includes 5 design templates, 240 shiny stickers, 140 sparkly stickers, and 95 rainbow stickers in 7-color combinations and 4 different shapes, complete with a cord for hanging their mosaic masterpieces. Enjoy a mess-free crafting journey with easy-to-peel stickers – no glue needed! Elevate the magic with holographic effects on the stickers, featuring 10 sheets with rainbow, shiny, and sparkly effects, allowing your child to create their unique, glittering designs. Perfect for on-the-go creativity, the kit comes in a foldable box that doubles as a craft table. Fuel your child's creativity, exploration, and fine motor skills development with this travel-friendly and captivating space-themed craft kit.