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Imagimake Mapology National Symbols of India

Rs. 549.00
The national symbols are objects that possess values which represent the unique identity of the country. Let kids explore the symbols of national identity by making their own miniature models as like National Animal - Tiger, Naitonal Bird - Peacock, Naitonal Tree - Banyan Tree, National Flower - Lotus, National Heritage Animal - Elephant, National Aquatic Animal - River Dolphin and the National Emblem this construction set. Kids can also learn 20+ Interesting facts through guide booklet like the Ganges River Dolphin was made a national symbol to save it from extinction and the National Emblem is a representative seal of the republic of India and many more such amazing and interesting facts. Invite friends & rebuild the National Symbols again & again or take on a time challenge of building it the fastest. Kids are free to express their creativity as they say goodbye to messy glue. The content is aligned with the school curriculum and also includes elements of national identity such as the National Flag, National Anthem, National Song in the Information Guide. This activity set comes with 7 Thick Sheets with Model Pieces, 3 Thin Sheets with Model Pieces and Guide Booklet with 20+ Facts. The materials provided in the kit complies to US & European safety standards.