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Imagimake Mapology India's Space Odyssey

Rs. 999.00
Imagimake is proud to be an official Merchandise partner of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) dedicated to inspiring the next generation of Astronauts. Let kids discover and learn about India's Space Odyssey from this exciting kit that comes with 65 Rocket & Satellite model making pieces to make 4 successfully launched Rockets like RH75, SLV-3, PSLV and GSLV MKIII and 4 astonishing Satellites like Aryabhata, Chandrayaan 1, Chandrayaan 2 and Mangalyaan. India's Space Odyssey includes a dual sided puzzle where one side of the puzzle represents space orbits and the other side of the puzzle represents interesting facts like the first rocket launch of Indian Space Programme was from Thumba, a small fishing village near Thiruvananthapuram. Kids can invite their friends and rebuild the models again and again and step into the world of rocket, science & space technology. This activity set comes with detailed information and construction guide book where the child can learn in detail about rockets and satellites and will get to know the inspiring individuals behind various remarkable space accomplishments. This India's space odyssey kit comes with 65 Rocket & Satellite Model Pieces, 13 Dual Sided Puzzle Pieces, 1 Sticker Sheet and 1 Information & Construction Guide. The materials provided in the kit complies to US & European safety standards.