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Imagimake Mapology India With Flags & Flashcards

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Type: Puzzles
Discover the richness of India's diverse states with the Imagimake Mapology India Map and Flash Card set, an educational and entertaining toy designed for kids aged 7 and above. Immerse yourself in an ultimate India states discovery journey, mastering state names, capitals, and fun facts through interactive quizzes, swipe-and-reveal cards, and magic patches. The set includes a precision-cut EVA foam frame puzzle with 24 state-shaped pieces, 35 plastic flags, and 31 swipe-and-reveal game cards, ensuring an engaging and informative experience. Play involves solving the puzzle, placing stickers on flags, and drawing cards to explore state knowledge and facts, enhancing communication, problem-solving, concentration, and fine motor skills. Ideal for homeschooling activities, this toy transforms geography lessons into captivating adventures at home. The perfect birthday gift for boys and girls, this India Map set combines playtime with learning, nurturing creativity, curiosity, and holistic child development. Enjoy an exciting family activity, strengthen bonds, and create lasting memories while making geography fun and educational. Immerse in the world of Imagimake, where play meets learning for happy and wholesome childhoods.