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Hotwheels Monster Trucks Dual Pack FYJ64

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SKU: 887961705430

Get ready for adrenaline-pumping action with the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Dual Pack FYJ64. Kids can't resist the thrill of collecting them all as each set features two mighty monster trucks, perfect for head-on collision excitement. These 1:64 scale Demolition Doubles trucks are built to obliterate their arch-rivals, smashing and crashing through everything in their path. No obstacle can stand in the way of these ultimate competitors. With variations in colors and decorations, this collection offers a variety of rival pairs, each with giant wheels and impressive details. Inside every package, you'll find two opponents, complete with essential stats like their names, truck types, strengths, unique crash attacks, and motivating characteristics for immersive storytelling fun. Unleash these dynamic duos for epic head-to-head battles that are purposefully paired, ready to engage in colossal showdowns. Turn to the back of the package for thrilling insights into their strength, crash attack strategies, motor-vation, and more. Each pack is sold separately, ensuring endless entertainment for monster truck enthusiasts of all ages.

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