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Ekta Chess

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Type: Board Games
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Introduce Your Child to the Game of Strategy

Chess is an age-old board game that can be played between two players. This Ekta chess set is designed for kids aged seven years and up. The set comes with 32 chess pieces, 16 each of white and black. It is a two player board game that enhances your kid`s thinking, strategically and analytically. Introducing children to activities like this develops their logical thinking too. The set comes in a box that ensures the pieces do not get lost and the board stays in shape too.

Convenient to Play Even in a Small Space

This is a foldable chess set that can be carried along while travelling. Thus, you can take it anywhere you go and play during your leisure time. The aim of the game is to defeat the opponent`s king. Each piece in the set has a different strategic move. With these well-finished chess pieces, you will feel the battle field coming alive on your chess board. Get the Ekta chess board, put your thinking cap on and spend some quality time with your kids playing this traditional game.

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