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Mattel Blokus Board Game

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Type: Board Games
SKU: 746775363840

Experience the timeless allure of the Mattel Blokus Board Game, an enthralling strategy game that's perfect for family fun. With less than a minute to learn, Blokus offers an accessible introduction, yet possesses the depth to captivate players of all ages. The challenge unfolds as participants strategically place their 21 pieces on the board, ensuring each piece touches another of the same color only at the corners. Stake your claim and defend your territory by cleverly positioning your pieces, all while tactically obstructing your opponents. With one simple rule, Blokus promises an endless array of possibilities in this fast-paced, easy-to-grasp game that's tailor-made for family enjoyment. This set includes a total of 84 pieces, the game board, and comprehensive instructions for a captivating gaming experience.

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