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Beyblade Burst Quaddrive Vanish Fafnir F7 F3966

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SKU: 195166154848

Experience the future of Beyblade battling with Beyblade Burst QuadDrive. This 4-in-1 Beyblade top offers four different configurations, allowing for strategic customization and multiple ways to win. Modify your QuadDrive top to gain the ultimate advantage and become the champion of the arena.

The set includes the QuadDrive Vanish Fafnir F7 G02 QD03 TB13-Q S02 top and launcher, which can be customized for balance or stamina type battles. Use the advanced QuadDrive technology in the QuadDrive Beystadium to unleash its power. Scan the code on the QuadDrive tops for virtual battles in the Beyblade Burst app and compete worldwide.

Get ready for thrilling head-to-head battles with Beyblade Burst Beystadiums, launchers, and spinning tops as you embark on your journey towards Beymastery. Suitable for ages 8 and up. Check app availability and compatibility.

Please note: This item is non-returnable.

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