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Toykraftt DIY Candles Mini Jars

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Unlock your child's artistic potential with the Toykaftt DIY Candles Mini Jars kit, a complete glass candle-making experience. Craft three stunning miniature glass candle jars using glass paints and a white outliner tube. The kit includes all the essentials: glass jars, white outliner tube, glass paints, candle wicks, wax, and design papers, ensuring a comprehensive creative adventure. From tracing designs with the white outliner to filling in patterns with glass paints, kids not only have fun but also develop their artistic talent, creativity, and self-confidence. This hands-on activity hones fine motor skills and promises a memorable time. The glass-painted candles are not only beautiful but also refillable and restylable, making them perfect for special occasions or thoughtful gifts that combine creativity and functionality in one delightful package.

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