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Ycoo Silverlit Biopod InMotion

Rs. 2,245.00 Regular price Rs. 2,495.00

Biopod InMotion is an electronic walking creature, ready to ROAR and comes to life when released from its mega pod! With green glowing eyes and rumbling sound effects, this creature is sure to bring life to any room.

Biopod InMotion is fun to build with 25 parts, including stickers to make your electronic creature unique. It has articulated joints, a wagging tail and use your hand - gesture control to make him roam around. Press a button on the InMotion’s head to hear him roar and light up the darkness with his LED eyes.

This epic dinosaur like creature is ready to rule over your Biopod collection! Suitable from 5+ years, Ycoo Silverlit Biopod InMotion is the perfect addition to any home.