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Tumblin Monkeys

Rs. 999.00
Type: Board Games
This game of skill and touch is so easy to learn and fun to play that kids will go APE for it. The object is to not let any monkeys fall down the tree during your turn. Create a web of coloured sticks across the tree and place the monkeys inside the tree. Then roll the die and take turns removing one stick at a time whichever colour stick the die indicates. The youngest player starts the game. If all the sticks of one colour have been removed and you roll that colour, you’re the lucky one you get to skip that turn Be careful because one false move will cause monkeys to go tumbling and then you have to add them to your pile The player to drop the fewest monkeys wins As no reading is required to play, the tumbling' Monkeys game is perfect for younger kids. Game comes with 1 bright yellow, translucent plastic palm tree so you can see the monkeys wriggle as you try to catch their curly tails on plastic sticks. Also included are 30 monkeys, 30 multiple coloured sticks, and a special die. For 2 to 4 players.