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Toykraftt Rock Painting Dot Mandalas

Rs. 549.00
Dot painting has its probable origins as an Australian aboriginal art and Mandala is a Sanskrit word which means a collection – or representing a spiritual connection with the universe. Some of the most stunning rock painted designs are based on Dot Mandalas and can be delved even by young kids besides providing an art platform for adult artists as well. You can create beautiful, intricate and some very challenging designs of Dot-painted Mandalas on this surface. One common point in these dot mandalas (pun intended) is that they all require loads of patience. Each painted stone is very dear to the creator who has gained artistically, spiritually and analytically leading to development of both sides of your brain. The art of painting dot Mandalas leads to relaxation of the mind and is quite therapeutic - like a kind of meditation. Besides using the dotted Mandala stones as art décor in your home, you can hide rocks to spread kindness by letting them be discovered and traced back to you. You are bound to receive awe and admiration for your artwork. CONTENTS: River pebbles: 6, Paints in chain pack: 18, Toothpicks: 1 packet, Cotton buds: 1 packet Wooden dowels: 6, Instruction manual.