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Toykraftt Inspiring Wall Decor

Rs. 599.00
Create this honeycomb-shaped room décor wall hanging using the hexagon shaped card cut-outs provided in the kit. The best part about the structure of your room décor hanging, is that it can be customized as per the dimensions of the wall space available. The cavities within the honeycomb can be filled in with some little crafted creations or other art material. You have the freedom of using your own free-form crafting fun zone. The kit includes materials to fill as large a space of 30 cms X 25 cms. The craft material provided includes hexagonal card cut-outs, printed cards, card-stock, craft glue and much more! You can also include some personal items such as photos or favourite superheroes. This motivational home décor item portrays a cool and trendy style of your art & craft skills and what appeals to your DNA. We would not like to provide specific instructions to build your wall decor inspiration, just use the power of your imagination that will fuel your style and creativity! Contents: Card cut-outs (hexagonal) with side flaps and side tabs: 35 Printed Card cut-outs (hexagonal) with side flaps: 12 Colour card cut-outs (hexagonal) with side flaps: 18 Card cut-outs Printed: 16 Craft glue:1, Sticky tape:1 3D Sticky pieces: 1 packet Coloured paper: 6, Origami square papers: 8 Paper Quilling strips: 10 Glitter paper: 3 Punched cut-outs: 1, packet thread: 1 Instruction manual.