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Toykraftt Toykraft Artistic Rock Painting

Rs. 599.00
Some of the most stunning intricate painted designs are even done on flat river pebbles. You can create beautiful patterns and designs on this surface. Each artistic stone that is made, is very dear to the creator and finds a prominent place as a display. Since the painting is done as a miniature you have to use thin paint brushes with a careful and steady hand. Before plunging into painting straightway, lightly pencil out the design that you propose to do. Although we have provided you pebbles to make 6 artistic stones, you will still have paint left over. So, go ahead and do more designs on any surface of your choice. This DIY activity is not just to create 6 beautiful art pieces out of stones for display. The artistic stones can also be used as paperweights. You are bound to receive awe and admiration for your work, besides having gained artistically and spiritually.