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Silverlit Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher

Rs. 4,499.00

Silverlit Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher is the perfect toy for kids who love to battle! Attach a balloon to the robot, put on the detachable goggle, power on the robot and controller and get ready to fight! Keep punching until the balloon pops and you win!

This toy comes with two game modes: Challenge Mode, where you battle with A.I., and Versus Mode, where you can battle with up to four friends. It also comes with 24 multi-colored balloons, and supports almost all kinds of balloons you can find on the market. Remote control the robot for right punch, left punch and combo punches for multiple damages!

Silverlit Robo Kombat Balloon Puncher is available in four colors and two different battle packs. It is suitable for ages 5 and up, and robots with different channels are required.