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Sharper Image Flip Stunt Rally Remote Controlled Car Red

Rs. 1,999.00

Fun and action-packed stunts are provided by the Toy RC Flip Stunt Red! This 2-in-1 rally car, unlike other remote-control cars, can flip and perform stunts to impress the crowd. It`s the ideal present for any child!

Effortlessly perform gravity-defying stunts: maneuver this double-sided vehicle outside or around your house and watch this mighty RC stunt car tear around corners. Then flip it over and keep going! Whether you flip the car or jump ramps, the Flip stunt Rally car brings a thrilling experience!

Stunt controls: the right side and left side operate independently, giving this little speedster quick 360’ maneuverability.

Eye-popping design - the flip stunt delights with its stunning design, having fun oversized tires to giving an amazing action-packed experience.

The ultimate flipping RC vehicle. Impress everyone with breathtaking flipping action, stunts, and spins. With an aggressive design, This Sharper Image racer offers endless hours of fun! The bright LED headlights make this zippy little RC car a sight to see!