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Playshifu Dabble My First Jigsaw Puzzle Mermaid & The Gold Fish

Rs. 599.00
Introducing "My First Jigsaw Puzzle - Mermaid & The Goldfish," a captivating educational tool crafted to elevate problem-solving abilities in young children while sparking their creativity. Featuring two enchanting jigsaw puzzles, Mermaid & The Goldfish, this set is meticulously designed to engage young minds aged 2 to 4. Each puzzle piece presents an opportunity for improved concentration, heightened hand-eye coordination, and enhanced problem-solving skills. Immerse yourself in the magical world of the Mermaid & The Goldfish theme, nurturing friendship and emotional development in children as they piece together these captivating scenes. The set includes 20 Mermaid jigsaw pieces, 4 Goldfish jigsaw pieces, and a specially crafted frame, offering a unique chance to immortalize the completed Goldfish puzzle as a cherished keepsake. Commemorate your child's accomplishments by solving the puzzles together and proudly showcasing the finished masterpiece, instilling a sense of achievement and motivation. Embark on an odyssey of learning and bonding, where each piece brings you closer to the realm of underwater wonders while nurturing crucial cognitive and emotional skills.

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